More from the 4th

I love the Pacific Northwest a scary amount. Borderline obsessed. I essentially want/try to spend all of my time outside of work lounging outdoors. Luckily, Western Washington (the whole West Coast tho) is LITrally the most beautiful place in the world, and has an unlimited number of places to explore. These are the pictures from my phone this time.


let's go to the beach-beach, let's go get away

On the 4th, our little friend-family decided to take an impromptu trip to La Push, Washington, on the peninsula. It was easily one of the best days of my life and I'm so happy it all worked out. Here are some photos from the trip.


I've really been trying to resist spending all my money on frivolous shit, but, like being an adult in other ways, it's difficult for me. Anyway, here are some super cute/ugly/weird things I really really wanna buy right now:
Yes, that is a Shih Tzu staring into your soul. For the reasonable price of only $16.80, this amazing piece of art can be yours too. I keep imagining it peaking out from a half zipped hoodie, with jorts of course. Found at Fab; thanks to Kasha Knish for bringing this to my attention.

Opal is my birthstone, and it's just awesome anyway. This adorable lil' necklace is from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Little Pancakes. My birthday is still a few months out, but I may cave and get this sooner.

What hip, modern, feminist home would be complete without one of these puppies hanging over your hearth? The highly talented and generally rad Tanie, of, makes these and has them available in her etsy store under a custom listing. I'm definitely going to have to break my no-spending rule to get one of these in the new house ASAP!

Last but not least - This is Trout Pout by the ridiculously expensive Butter London. It looks like the perfect summer pink for me; not too bright, but still punchy and fun. I start to hulk out when I think about the pricier brands of nail polish, and how much $$$ I have chillin' in a shoebox in my bathroom cupboard, but oh well.

radical summer tunes pt. 2

More of my summer faves for awkwardly sweating the night away:

7. Bananarama - Cruel Summer. Silly. Girl group. Synth. Do you need any more information?

8. Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels. Something about the forward momentum of the song and the dreamy 80s-ness really speak to me, okay?

9. Best Coast - When I'm With You. Pretty sure this was or is on everyone's summer playlists already, but it's well deserved. The perfect song to get drunk to on the beach.

10. Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby. One of the most comforting and nice-to-listen-to jams ever. Let his falsetto sing you into summer oblivion.

11. The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait. IDK, dudes, it's a fun song about anticipation! Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, and filthy jokes. Sounds about right.

12. Gross Ghost - Leslie. I first heard this song 2-3 summers ago and listened to the mix it was on over and over and over. Just a goofy, jangly pop song, but it specifically reminds me of summers in Tacoma.

Well there you have it. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just the first songs that came to mind coupled with songs that I always put on rotation during the summer. What are your favorite summer jams?

These days; or Happy July!

 Rainy, summer day drives. Got to admire my awesome Planned Parenthood air freshener (it smells like cake!)

Psuedo-outfit shot - basically I've only been wearing striped dresses and cardigans BUT you can peep my awesome peanut/knife necklace from the amazing Little Pancakes.

 IDK if my obsession with my succulent collection will ever end but I'm not mad at it.

 I made a disgustingly awesome drink out of fresh watermelon/pear/strawberry juice and vodka. I had to force myself to only drink one but I wanna make this for pretty much every summer BBQ we have!

kitty kitty kitty

A weird bit of our house while I was creeping on Mike (he was absorbed in playing his guitar).

Sorry to subject y'all to my pathetic attempts at photographing things. It's on my list of "things to be better at/about," but let's be real, that list has pretty much everything on it- Including, but not limited to aspirations such as: successfully completing undergrad, embroidering cute animals and inappropriate phrases on things, and becoming a functioning adult. 

A lot to live up to, you can see. But really- I recently gurnaled (WHAS ref anyone?) a few seemingly realistic goals for myself to complete by the end of the year. 

1. Buy a cheap bass guitar, and learn how to play at least three songs (pixies, sonic youth, the cure maybe?)
2. Buy a used, entry-level DSLR and have Mike teach me all he knows, and work on our photography skills together. It's hard for me to come up with a concrete goal for this one, but uh, I'll work on that. 
3. Register for a doula training program at Bastyr and create a more long-term task/goal sheet for that.

Only three things, yeah, but I know myself and I MUST keep my shit simple if I ever have hopes of completing it all. What are your recent goals, big or small?